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A primer on the Max Beans Universe

Also known as the M.B.U., the Max Beans Universe is a collection of stories, events, and characters that are intimately connected to the life and times of Max Beans.

Here, we present a quick overview of the M.B.U. to get your up to speed.

  • πŸš€
    Aboard the Bean-mobile
    Episode 1: Max returns to Milton Beans, his childhood home.
    Max's father, Daddy Beans, is very happy to see Max.
  • β˜•
    Brothers reunite
    Episode 2: Min Beans, Max's brother, sees Max the next morning.
    Min has Bean up all night drinking vodka redbulls, much to everyone's disappointment. Mummy Beans is nowhere to be seen.
  • ⭐️
    The Bialetti Flare 950
    Episode 6: Max flexes his Bialetti abilities on a legendary moka pot.
  • ️πŸ”ͺ
    Daddy Beans is found stabbed!
    Episode 9: Max finds Daddy Beans, stabbed and bleeding profusely.
    Daddy is taken to St. Bean's Hospital and remains in a critical condition.
  • ️πŸͺ’
    Gort kidnaps Min Beans
    Episode 14: Gort, an evil tea drinking capybara, captures Min Beans and takes him to Chel-tea-nham to see Beanless Bill.
  • οΈπŸ”
    Max investigates
    Episode 18: Max interrupts a T.E.A (Tea Enthusiasts Anonymous) meeting in the hope it will give clues to Min's whereabouts.
    Dylan T. Baggs, Max's former housemate, is arrested.
  • οΈπŸ‘‘
    Min returns as Inf
    Episode 21: During solitary confinement in Chel-tea-nham, the Bean revealed itself to Min in a vision. The Bean took a most delightful form. With this new insight, Min transcended into a Bean wielding God and his new powers helped him escape. Max brings Min back to Milton Beans.
    Min asks to be referred to as Inf.
  • οΈπŸ’€
    Daddy Beans passes
    Episode 22: The Beans family gather round Daddy Beans' hospital bed. His final words are: "The true power of the Bean lies within your hearts", and then he slips away.
  • οΈπŸ‘Ό
    Inf sacrifices himself
    Episode 25: Max and Inf have gone to Chel-tea-nham to avenge the death of Daddy Beans. In a heated battle against Gort's underlings, Inf realises that he must sacrifice himself to save Max. Inf scourges the earth with Beans, and then fizzles out of existence.
    Gort manages to escape, leaving Max distraught at having lost both his father and brother.